Monday Musings



Good Morning Monday!  This day has started out beautiful and wonderful and glorious…

Then I woke up and realized it is Monday.

I like Mondays, sometimes. They give me a chance to recharge from the weekend and a busy one we had.

Saturday Mother-Daughter banquet.. so much fun there. I have to say that our church is never dull. Here is a video from the banquet. Gotta love our Pastor and his Wife.

Two of the important people in my life.

103_0136ThingGrandma and ThingGrandma


Then we had a blast at ThingPapa’s and ThingGrandma’s eating hot dogs, brats and Strawberry shortcake. Spent lots of time with my family and enjoying all our mom’s grandmas and granny’s.103_0158

Boy, I sure am glad Monday is here to rest err work on our school work.

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