WOW what a Life!

So I thought that I had this all figured out, It would be easy to do. I could get up in the mornings, work out, blog about whatever we have done are doing and it would be a routine.
Boy was I wrong!

It has been hard to remeber to do the blog. I know though that I am going to have to make a dedicated effort to post and show what we are doing.

I am just glad that the snow is gone and we are able to get into Spring. I look forward to teaching the boys about plants, gardens and stuff.

Easter is fast approaching and we are teaching our boys that Easter is a time of celebration, not about the candy the eggs, or the Easter Bunny( which they know is not real).
Still doesn't mean we won't do the fun stuff, just want them to have the understanding that this weekend is very important and very special to believers of God.

Today, I renew my vow to be a blogger:)

I hope you've laughed at and rolled your eyes at my rambling.


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  1. You're glad the snow is gone...and I'm totally jealous! :)

    I'm an IKEA lover too! It was totally a splurge...but I convinced the hubs that I neeeeeeded it for my birthday. It helped that my MIL gave me a generous gift this year too.

    Anyway...thanks visiting my blog!



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