Waiting to plant

Thingamajiggers and I cannot wait for SPRING~

We have been patiently waiting so we can plant our garden. Since we are supposed to have snow( yes now in March), we decided we would start some of our plantings early.

I got some seeds, paper cups, soil and newspaper. Laid out the newspaper, set  Thingamajiggers up and ready to plant. We had some fun. While we did our planing we talked about why we were planting, what was needed for the seed to grow, how important it is to maintain our seeds.

Look I did it all myself

Hurry so we can go play ;)
Another picture..

I saw a website about linking up our "garden" information, if I knew how I would.. LOL..

Anyways.. we had fun planting and talking about what we want to see grow in our "real" garden.. I got a request for Tomatoes, Pickles, and berries. Guess we'll have to add the berries and pickles(cucumbers)


  1. Love the pictures! You can tell they were working hard :)

  2. Yes they were so proud. They cannot wait to actually plant the garden. I'll be happy when we have no more snow...

  3. oh how fun - BOYS! I know those looks for another picture!!

    thanks for linking up - and adding our button to your sidebar - can't wait to see next month (April 28th)

    Stef - HSV TEAM


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