Where did Life go?

Ever wonder where your life goes? I was thinking this morning as I sat down with my coffee.. mmmm coffee... that life can be so busy we miss the most important things.

Yesterday Thingamadaddy and Thingamajiggers were waiting for dinner to be done. So they got out the globe. It was a moment I will not forget.

They asked questions, whole-hearted questions about the globe,t he funny bumps on the globe( mountains) Why was there so much blue on it? Where do we live? Where is the sun?

Naturally kids are curious, but what they best part about this was, Thingamadaddy pretending to be the sun and "rotate" around the earth( Thingamajigger 1) they had such a blast  taking turns being "earth". The best part was after.

Thingamajiggers saying, "Daddy, I love you"

Don't miss those moments in life. Don't ever be so busy that  you don't hear those three little words from those who matter most in your life:

God, Spouse and kids.

Just remember I love you boys so very much!


  1. It is all these little moments that make homeschooling so great! Found you from work boxes and now following. Hope you will consider following back


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