Life and how we are changing with it



As we start into February, I realize that we are changing. Our family is moving in different directions. Change is not bad, it is just different at first.


Caleb is getting more in to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Brent is moving away from it towards Tae Kwon Do and Davin,well he just still likes it all.

I have found that we need this sport. We need the structure it provides, the discipline, the workout,because let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger. I’ve also learned that they are ready for it to just be a fun sport. They are at a point where they don’t want to compete locally, they want to have fun. Let me tell ya it is hard for this competitive momma. It is hard to not want to push them to be better.

Yet, how can I do that if I’m not pushing myself? I struggle every day in my weight, my walk with God, my marriage. Out of all those things, I push to be a better wife, I push to be closer to God, I push to help with my weight.

I realize I can do more so much more. But I don’t. Why? It is too hard. This is the truth. There isn’t another answer.

With this troublesome realization, I know that I have to stop pushing my kids and push myself. Focus that into being a better me and then everything will work itself out. I can’t force them to be who they aren’t, do what they don’t want to do.

We bought some amazing exercise equipment over the last week, this will be the month that i put them to use. This will be the day I start regaining my life and saying I can do this, i will do this.

I will push myself to get closer to God. I will start my day in his word no matter what.

I will push myself in my marriage. I will start by honoring my husband, listening to him, helping me, working WITH him.

I will push myself in my weight. I will strive to work out, to eat healthier than I have been to make better choices. To use the things God has given me to stay healthy for myself first and then my family.


I think that is what it comes down to in the end. Your Why? Why are you doing this? Why do you want to change? I know I can’t change over night, but I can implement one change every month.


I plan to use a daily log to help me in this adventure. I thought I would share it with you all in case you wanted to join along with me.


Click on the picture to download.Daily Log


All about the sickness……



So we had a crazy winter break, 2 of my kids getting sick, my mom having this horrible hacking cough. Enter Monday the beginning of being back to school and WHAM! Davin gets Strep… For reals… this is insane. We have been fighting this for weeks.


When the older two got sick, we ran all the bedding, pillows, sheets, stuffed animals, you name it, it all went into a hot washing machine with bleach. Bleached the floors, the sinks counters.. EVERYTHING I could bleach, I bleached. I HATE bleach, but will use it at certain times.


Put on clean bedding, new sponges, the works. Here we are not even two days later and I’m having to do it all over again.

Then I read this post

Dreaded ‘stomach flu’ wreaks havoc on families — and it’s only going to get worse


 Seriously.. You couldn’t get a better title?!? Well in all reality it is dreaded. It makes not only the person sick feel bad, but everyone else too.

There isn’t a cure, only some precautions to take, and even then you can’t be sure that it won’t infect your house again.


“Because there is no medication or treatment for norovirus, prevention of the illness is your best bet,” said Dr. Jessica Schoen, who works in Emergency Medicine with Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea and Austin.

From the Austin Daily Herald about the norovirus outbreak.

    Mayo Clinic Health System offers these tips to prevent illness:

    •Stay home if you are sick. This means staying home from school and work. Food service workers are required by law to stay home if they are sick.

    •Practice proper hand hygiene. Wash your hands carefully with soap and water, especially after using the restroom and changing diapers and before preparing foods or eating. Wash your hands more often when someone in your household is sick.

    •Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer to use prior to eating out in public but use soap and water for hand washing after encounters with a patient with norovirus symptoms.

    •Be smart in the kitchen. Do not prepare food while you are sick with norovirus, are experiencing norovirus symptoms and for at least three days after you recover. Carefully rinse fruits and vegetables, and thoroughly cook oysters and other shellfish before serving.

    •Clean and disinfect contaminated surfaces. Use a household bleach solution (up to 1½ cups of bleach in one gallon of water) to clean surfaces after vomiting or diarrhea accidents.

    •Avoid pot luck gatherings. As difficult as this may be, it’s good advice to stay away from homemade items just to reduce exposure to potentially contaminated food.

    How has your house been fairing against this virus?